Ground Elk Recipes

We love cooking with elk, and would love any recipes if you’ve got them.  Here are some great recipes that you can use with your ground elk meat.  Of course, there’s the staples like elk burgers and spaghetti, but there’s much more that you can do with your ground elk meat.

Elk Casserole

You will need:
1 lb ground elk meat
1 onion (yellow)
12 oz Cream of Potato Soup (or 1 can of Potato Soup)
1 cup milk
1 Anaheim Pepper or 1 Hatch Green Chile (1 can of diced green chilies)
1 lb cooked elbow pasta
1 Table Spoon Olive Oil
shredded cheese (garnish)

Start off by boiling some water and cooking the pasta according to directions on the box.  Once the pasta has started cooking, chop up your onion and add your olive oil, onion and elk meat to a frying pan.  Heat until elk meat is brown, about 10 minutes.  Once the elk meat is browned, add elk meat and onions to a casserole dish, then add the cooked elbow pasta.  Heat in the oven at 300 degrees for 45 Minutes or until cheese melts.

Southwestern Elk Casserole

12 Corn Tortillias
2 lbs ground elk meat
1/2 Onion Chopped (white or yellow is fine)
Shredded Cheese
1 tbsp Olive Oil
2 cups milk (for cream soups)
4 tbsp Butter (for cream soups)
4 tbsp Flour (for cream soups)
1/4 tsp salt (for cream soups)
1/4 cup of diced mushrooms (for cream of mushroom soup)
1/4 cup diced celery (for cream of celery soup)
Cream of Mushroom Soup (you can use the canned version if you like, if not, recipe below)
Cream of Celery Soup (you can use the canned version if you like, if not, recipe below)

To make Cream of Mushroom (or Celery) Soup:

Melt 2 Tablespoons butter in a pan, once butter is melted, stir in 2 tablespoons flour.  Once the flour and butter have mixed, mix in 1/2 cup of milk and the salt, stirring occasionally.  That is your base for both the cream soups, but the process differs slightly from there.  For the cream of mushroom soup, take your base and add 1/2 cup of mile and 1/4 cup of diced mushrooms, stirring occasionally.  It will be done 3 minutes after you add the mushrooms.  For the cream of celery soup, the procedure is exactly the same.  Add 1/2 cup of milk and 1/4 cup of diced celery then stir for 3 mins.  The amount in the pot is equal to 1 can, and tastes better (and is much healthier).

If you’re making cream soups, make them first.  Once they are finished, heat your olive oil in a frying pan and add ground elk meat and onions.  Cook until onions start to get fragrant, about 5 minutes, then add in your creams soups (or canned ones) and the jar of salsa, simmering for 10 minutes while stirring occasionally.  While your elk meat, salsa etc is cooking, break your tortillas into pieces and line the bottom of a 9×13″ baking dish with the tortillas [start preheating your oven here if you choose].  Add half of your meat sauce to the baking pan, sprinkle with shredded cheese, cover with the rest of the meat sauce, sprinkle with more cheese and top with the remainder of your tortillas.  Once that is ready, sprinkle the top layer with cheese and bake in the oven at 350 degrees until the cheese is melted.

This dish can be prepared ahead of time and stored in the fridge.  Once you’re about ready to eat, take it out of the fridge and pop it in the oven at 300 degrees for 30 minutes.

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