Cooking with Elk

There are many different ways to cook an elk and we will try to cover as many as possible here.  Some things like elk sausage and elk burger will require some additional equipment, but other things such as stew, roast and grilled elk you can do with normal kitchen supplies.

Elk is a very lean meat, so it will dry out easily when cooking, which is something that you’ll want to keep in mind if you want your friends and family to really enjoy elk meat (and all your hard work).  Of course, I know that I dont have all the recipes that exist for elk, but I’ll gladly share a few of my favorites.

Elk Marinades

One of my favorite ways to cook elk is an elk marinade.  No matter what marinade that you choose, your elk will always come out tender, tasty and juicy.  This works best for cuts of meat off of the rear legs and backstraps of your elk – though make sure not pick a cut that’s too tough.

Elk Burgers and Elk Sausage

Usually for the tougher cuts, it’s best to grind the meat and make either elk burgers or elk sausage.  We’ve got plenty of ground elk recipes for you here.  With elk burgers, you can use the ground elk meat just like you would with ground beef.  Add to sphagetti sauce, make cheeseburgers or even try some elk meatballs.  There are tons of types of elk sausage to try, including elk breakfast sausage, wild rice and mushroom elk sausage and elk chorizo.

Elk Stew and Elk Chili

One of the great things to do with some of the tougher cuts of elk meat (instead of grounding) is to make elk meat stew or elk chili.  There are plenty of recipes on our Elk Stew Recipe page, or if you like you can check out our elk chili recipes.  For your elk chili, you can use either ground elk or some of the cuts that you would use for elk stew.